1. Tom Little’s BIG IDEAS

    Tom Little is full of BIG IDEAS for non-profits. Previously, his personality was hidden behind CMCS Consulting. Now, through strong colouring/typography, tasteful illustration & concise information, Tom’s ideas can shine through.



    Support Illustration

    Support Illustration

  1. Peter Taylor

    A Dunedin, Ontario-based artists originals and prints are on show; day & night. A journal highlighting his mental & physical process contextualizes said work.

  1. Craig Smith: Musician & Producer

    A Wasaga Beach, Ontario-based musician & producer playing his ass off and recording just the same.

  1. The Flying Chestnut Kitchen

    A Eugenia, Ontario-based eatery unlike any other.

  1. Elstons Barristers & Solicitors

    A Collingwood, Ontario-based boutique barrister & solicitor specializing in public and private sector law.


    25 icons were crafted in order to visualize Elstons location and subject-based law. These were integrated into a filterable database of cases showing the eclecticism of the practise.

    • Accessory Apartments

    • Aggregate Extraction

    • Agricultural

    • Boathouses

    • Commercial Development

    • Condominium Development

    • Costs

    • Development Charges

    • Downtown BIA/CIP

    • Expropriation

    • Heritage Conservation

    • Industrial Development

    • Judicial Review

    • Leave to Appeal

    • Minor Variances

    • Motion to Dismiss

    • Niagara Escarpment

    • Official Plan Amendments

    • Plan of Subdivision

    • Recreational Development

    • Renewable Energy

    • Residential Development

    • Severances

    • Shopping Centre Development

    • Shoreline Development

    • Zoning By-law Amendments