, Personalized.

  1. Male Cardinal

    Coloured Pencil, Pen Ink & Acrylic Paint on Paper.


    I had the pleasure of creating this little piece over the holidays, an original and four prints for gifts.

  2. Art
  3. Original Unframed, 7" x 5"

  1. Craig Smith: Musician & Producer

  1. The Flying Chestnut Kitchen

  1. Forest Shadow Series: Orange & Blue-bordered Red

    Coloured Pencil & Gouache on Paper.


    This Red-tailed fox piece was a challenge for me due to the high level of detail in the background scene. In my past work I have never fully and realistically rendered forest ground cover.


    I wanted people to be able to see my process, so I made a gif animation that can be viewed at:


    Please contact for original and print details.

  2. Art
  3. Original Framed, 25" x 19"